Turnkey RO/DI Water Purification Systems

PPT builds turnkey RODI water systems that meet or exceed ASTM, CLSI & USP standards. The resulting products deliver the water quality to meet your needs at a cost-effective price with reliably consistent performance.  Contractors, architects, engineers and lab technicians have the choice between our 4 different turnkey QuickLab units, or to have their whole system customized through our SkidSpec services.

"I have worked with Pete and PPT on many projects. Pete and his team make the process of pure-water skid selection and procurement painless, from meeting with the client and engineers all the way through startup, PPT provides unrivaled service. The regulations from MWRA and local authorities governing these water systems and discharge can vary greatly depending on your location, PPT has been an asset in the selection of the appropriate equipment and piping arrangement for the various governing agencies. I highly recommend PPT to others in need of a high quality product backed by knowledgeable professionals in this continuously evolving industry."

Project Manager -The Richmond Group

RODI High Purity Water Process

Infographic displaying the process of creating ultrapure water through RODI

SkidSpec updated 2 color logo Skid Spec RODI water purification system

PPT understands the water quality needs of engineers, contractors, architects and laboratory developers working on a large scale project. If you are looking for a fully customizable RODI water purification system, with turnkey installation look no further!

Quick Lab RO / DI Water System logo

QuickLab turn key RODI water purification skid
We offer 4 RODI turnkey systems that meet or exceed ASTM, CLSI & USP standards at cost effective pricing. They are perfect for startups and small labs or anywhere there is a need for a purified water system that delivers consistent performance is a small space.

Water Purification Linecard

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RO/DI Water Qualification

Industrial water purification qualifying PDF thumbnail of the cover page

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