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Pure Process Technology offers a variety of products and accessories for all of our solvent purification systems.

Below are some of the products offered, however if you require a specific part or have questions about any of our solvent purification systems please call us directly at (603) 598-0691.

PPT continues to deliver the driest solvent in the market, with our continuous pursuit of improvement we have developed a proprietary column activation process which provides for the most Anhydrous Solvent produced per column in the market today.

By using the optional controller your system maintains full vacuum at all times ensuring your system is ready to draw solvent without delay. Also, maintaining the vacuum set-point reduces wear and tear on your vacuum pump extending its working lifetime.

Our standard Flasks come in 250ml & 500ml sizes with Septa, Stopcock and Drain Valve designed specifically to maintain Anhydrous Solvent at all times.

Our “GBI” Kits enable you to connect your Solvent Purification System direct to any Glove Box provided they have a connection for each solvent.

Contact us today to discuss your unique purification requirements.

Call (603) 598-0691 or Click Here.

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