Solvent Dispensing Systems

An essential addition to our product offering is our Solvent Dispensing Systems “SDS". The unique design of these systems enables users to dispense general solvents in the lab in a safe and efficient manner. PPT’s Solvent Dispensing Systems are ideal for environments when multiple users are taking solvents on a regular basis. Benefits of these systems include:

  • Greatly improves Safety
  • Reduces Solvent handling
  • Precision dispensing
  • Increases Lab Space
  • Fume Hood configurations available
  • Optional Integration with all Solvent Supplier Kegs and Containers
  • Scale options for Solvent Keg level measurement
  • Customized Keg Carts

solving dispensing system

PureCapture™ is an innovative solvent dispensing system designed to reduce risk and increase safety for lab personnel without the need for HVAC venting. Offering quality engineering and safe solvent dispensing, in a reliable, duct-free package.


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