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Our experienced engineers have taken all of the guesswork out of your RODI water skid system design. First of all, Skid Spec offers you pre-designed, pre-engineered ASTM, CLSI and USP water quality in a complete turnkey package. In addition to our standard design, our product range is flexible from 1 to 10 GPM of RO water makeup with storage tanks from 250 to 1000 gallon capacity. Furthermore, our designs include all the pre-treatment and post-treatment components necessary to meet your specification.

Our Solidworks designer will  assist you in creating the perfect P&ID to meet your specifications.    We will assist in creating a water purification system that not only meets your purity specs, but also accommodates your unique space. 



RODI water skid pre-treatment design

Pre-Treatment Design Will be Driven by Three Major Factors:

  • RO Production
  • Inlet Water Quality
  • Consumable Costs

PPT's Pre-Treatment Packages are pre-designed, pre-engineered and in most cases can be skid mounted.  Therefore it is especially useful when projects have limited space, aggressive cycles, or there is a need for simplified maintenance.

Attention to Pre-Treatment is especially important, because it will have a major impact on the RO performance.


Beware, of poorly designed RO systems that will eventually:

  • Underperform
  • Be Costly to Maintain
  • Impact the Final Water Quality

RODI water skid reverse osmosis design plan

Reverse Osmosis is the life blood of your water purification system.  At PPT we use the most up to date design software to ensure maximized performance for your RODI water skid. In most applications our skid spec systems will run at 70% Recovery and > 97% Rejection.

We only utilize the highest quality components, due to the fact that we want to ensure you have many years of trouble-free operation.

Purified Water Storage

Pure water storage is another critical area in maintaining water quality. Our Skid Spec purification systems ensure that the purified water is stored safely, in an environment that will not compromise your valuable resource.

Skid Spec Tanks ALWAYS Have the Correct:

  • Turnover Rate
  • Spray Ball Velocity
  • Proper Trapping

These elements are all critical to maintaining your target water quality. Often times tank integration is overlooked, as a result it creates performance problems over time. Therefore PPT offers many standard options regarding tank sizing, all of which are based on actual usage and make-up rates.




Skid Spec Distribution Options Include:

  • Mixed Bed DI
  • Sub-Micron Filtration
  • Ultraviolet Oxidation
  • Simplex or Duplex Configuration

Distribution design is what dictates your end point water quality, by understanding your exact needs PPT is able to deliver a system that will meet your requirement. In many cases systems are designed to meet an ATSM, CLSI or USP specification, these are the factors that drive the design.  All of our Skid Spec Designs are centered around these specifications, so there is no doubt about what to expect.

Contact us today to discuss your unique purification requirements.

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