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Young architects at workOne of the main drivers for the development of Skid Spec was to ease the burden of specifying systems for A&E firms.  With that in mind PPT set out to develop Skid Spec in such a way that we can provide quickly and easily the documentation needed to move projects forward right the first time.

By engaging with PPT the back and forth on design is reduced saving you time, cost and resources.  This is simply done by contacting PPT early in your project phase and reviewing the requirements with one of our Project Engineers.

Based on how the project progresses PPT will provide P&ID’s and General Arrangement drawings along with a written specification aligned with each stage of the project.  By keeping within PPT’s Skid Spec Platform we are able to make changes as the project moves forward quickly and easily.

As always PPT is happy to provide technical support. With over20 years of experience in Water Treatment Design chances are we can add value to your next project.

Call us today to see how PPT”s Skid Spec Systems can make your project easier to manage and execute while providing your customer with a system that fits their needs.

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