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Artist rendering of the QuickLab 275 Plus turn key RODI water purification system

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  • Easy Install - Turnkey Package
  • Small Footprint - Fits through hallways & elevators
  • Perfect for users requiring <750 Gallons in 8hrs / 2250 GPD
  • ATSM water quality

PPT’s QuickLab 275 Plus RO / DI system is engineered specifically for users who require lower volumes but do not want to sacrifice water quality. QuickLab is a robust, turnkey solution which brings high quality construction into a cost effective package.

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  • ATSM Type III Water Quality
  • PLC/HMI Controls (UL listed panel)
  • Hard Piping – No Inferior Connections
  • High Recovery / Reject Rates
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy Installation

Configuration blueprint of the QuickLab 275 Plus RODI water purification system

System Specifications
System specification graphic for QuickLab 275 Plus


RO Production Rate 1.25 GPM
Recovery Rate 70%
RO Reject Rate 95% - 97%
Water Quality ATSM Type III
Conductivity < 4MΩ - cm
TOC < 200 ppb μg/L
Sodium < 10 μg/L
Chlorides < 10 μg/L
Total Silica, Max < 500 μg/L


Hardness <150 ppm
Total Chlorine 0.5ppm max
Silica <30 ppm
Temperature 1-30  ̊c


Piping Pre-RO SCH80 PVC
Piping Post RO PPL Socket Fusion
Storage Tank 250 Gal, 0.2μ Filter, Spray Ball, Overflow
Distribution Pump 12 GPM @ 50PSI (Max 600' Loop)
UV/td> 254nm, Monitor, Intensity
Final Filter Multi Cartridge, SS, 0.2μ Filter
Conductivity Loop Out & Loop Return
Return Piping Flowmeter, BPR & Gauge

City Water Flow 4 GPM
City Water Pressure 30-60psi
Power 480v 3p, 15A
Inlet Connection 1/2" NPT
Drain Connection 1 1/2" NPT
Supply Loop Connection 32mm (1") PPL Socket Fusion
Return Loop Connection 32mm (1") PPL Socket Fusion
Installed Footprint 10'W x 4'D x 7'H

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