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Boston, MA
Utilizing the most advanced type of manufacturing technology, this Boston, MA based client builds with biology and designs, engineers, develops, tests, and licenses organisms. The company discovers molecules in flavors, sweeteners, cosmetic ingredients, crop treatments, and pharmaceuticals.
Upton, NY
One of ten national laboratories overseen and primarily funded by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biological, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies and national security. From unraveling new details of the particle soup that filled the early universe to designing improvements for batteries, x-ray imaging, and even glass, their discoveries and achievements span a spectrum of size scales and fields of science.
This IPA Reclaim System was designed and manufactured by PPT for a global company that specializes in providing a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military, homeland security and commercial platforms.
Houston, TX
This system replaces the need to put the solvent system into a fume hood, additionally, it is a safe and secure cabinet option that meets stringent EH & S department regulations.
Cambridge, MA
Focused on mRNA and emerging Therapy's. Moving into a newly renovated space this customer needed to supply RO Water across 30 separate drops in their lab.
Hanover, NH
Through the successful turnkey completion and installation of their system, Prof. Micalizio, his students and colleagues, can look forward to trouble free dry anhydrous solvent for years to come.
Lexington, MA
Expanding rapidly PPT collaborated with this company and developed a customized solution to meet the demands in their newly renovated facility.
Austin, TX
PPT’s dedicated team of solvent system experts assisted Dr. Rose and his research Group in determining which system was right for their needs and guided them through the process of system selection.
Lexington, MA
A company focused on Gene Therapy in phase II needed to produce USP Water to feed their WFI System and also the labs within their newly constructed facility.
Tuscaloosa, AL
The solvent system was installed by PPT and is used extensively in dry solvent synthetic procedures, an integral component in the Lab’s air sensitive organometallic research.
Charlestown, MA
Focused on the microbes associated with plant growth this company required a system to support their R&D efforts.
Evanston, IL
Solvent purification system is used by graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral associates to dry solvents that are used for the air and water free synthesis of functional metal-organic molecules and materials.
Cambridge, MA
Our customer needed to supply multiple tenants on multiple floors in this newly renovated 200,000 sq./ft. lab space.
Boston, MA
Expanding Into a newly refurbished space this customer required a Type I RODI water system for R&D
A major supplier of fuel cell power plants required an efficient, turnkey water purification system to produce water needed in the reforming process.
Durham, New Hampshire
The renovation of the university’s chemistry building required major upgrades to the research and wet teaching labs with a requirement for a central water purification system.
This customer required a DI Water Polish Skid to ensure the varying water quality into their Hydrogen Generators was constant.
Concord, NH
System included a 2,000 gallon per day RO/DI reverse osmosis deionization system with multiple tanks and pumps.