Sustainable Farming

Location: Charlestown, MA

Focused on the microbes associated with plant growth this company required a system to support their R&D efforts.

Project Scope

Fast Tracked due to limited building access required PPT to stage equipment and meet a demanding project schedule.

Water Quality RO/DI – 18 MΩ – Type I
Pre-Treatment Carbon, Softening
RO Production: 5,500 GPD
Membrane Type: BW4040
Recovery Rate: 70%
Reject Rate: 98%
Storage Tank: 250 Gallons
Distribution Flowrate: 22 GPM
UV Oxidation: 185nm & 254nm
Deionization Type: MB DI Tanks
Final Filtration: 0.2μ
Distribution Piping: PPL Socket Fusion
Controls: PLC, HMI, UL Listed
Skid Frame: Structural Aluminum
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