Solvent Purification – Papish Group, Department of Chemistry

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Solvent Purification System for the University of Alabama

PPT's solvent purification system in use at the department of chemistry, University of Alabama

Using PPT’s solvent purification system in the department of chemistry, University of Alabama.

When the Papish Group performs bioinorganic and organometallic chemistry in Tuscaloosa, AL they employ a custom 7 column solvent purification system from Pure Process Technology. Because the group’s focus is to mimic how nature controls reactivity by using hydrogen bonds or protonation/deprotonation to control reactivity, they use the best man-made and natural catalysts (enzymes) methods to accelerate reactions.

The Papish Group also has a strong interest in green chemistry, with the goal of using these methods to develop new means of storing energy, performing organic transformations, and testing metal complexes as anti-cancer drugs. In addition, it is hoped that by mimicking enzymes the group can better understand how enzymes work. Their research includes designing fancy organic ligands, as well as, studying the metal complex chemistry of these ligands, consequently placing their interests at the interface of organic and inorganic chemistry.

PPT’s dedicated team of solvent system experts assisted the Papish Group in determining which system was right for their needs and guided them through the process of system selection. Through the successful turnkey completion and installation of their system Dr. Papish’s research group can look forward to trouble free dry anhydrous solvent for years to come.

“PPT offers the purest solvents, with the lowest amounts of water after purification. The glassware you provide also ensures that in transferring the solvent to a flask no air is introduced.  No other company could match the low PPM levels of water that you offer.”

– Dr. Elizabeth T. Papish, Associate Professor

Project Scope

Dr. Papish’s group purchased PPT’s 7 column solvent purification system with ISO Scrubber and 250ml Standard Flasks for use in their lab. The solvent system was installed by PPT and is used extensively in dry solvent synthetic procedures, an integral component in the Lab’s air-sensitive organometallic research.

A closeup of a seven column solvent purification system
7 solvent, free standing with DMF Isoyanate Scrubber used to dry the following  solvents:

THF – Tetrahydrofuran
CH2CI2 (DCM) – Dichloromethane
DMF – Dimethylformamide
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