Multiple Tenant Space

Location: Cambridge, MA

Our customer needed to supply multiple tenants on multiple floors in this newly renovated 200,000 sq./ft. lab space.

Project Scope

After collaboration this customer decided to feed the suites with RO Water which would allow each tenant to control the final water quality as needed.

Water Quality RO Building Loop
Location Cambridge, MA
Pre-Treatment Carbon, Softening
RO Production: 9,000 GPD
Membrane Type: BW4040
Recovery Rate: 70%
Reject Rate: 98%
Storage Tank: 1,500 Gallons
Distribution Flowrate: 60 GPM
UV Oxidation: 254nm
Deionization Type: N/A
Final Filtration: 0.2μ
Distribution Piping: PPL Socket Fusion
Controls: PLC, HMI, UL Listed
Skid Frame: Structural Aluminum
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