Hydrogen Generation

Location: International

This customer required a DI Water Polish Skid to ensure the varying water quality into their Hydrogen Generators was constant.

Project Scope

Specialized controls were developed to monitor the system remotely to ensure no downtime. A customized Modbus program was written specifically for their needs.

Water Quality DI Polish Skid – 18 MΩ
Pre-Treatment RO
RO Production: N/A
Membrane Type: N/A
Recovery Rate: N/A
Reject Rate: N/A
Storage Tank: 125 Gallons – x2
Distribution Flowrate: 8 GPM
UV Oxidation: 254nm
Final Filtration:
Deionization Type: N/A
Distribution Piping: PPL Socket Fusion
Controls: PLC, Modbus, UL Listed
Skid Frame: Structural Aluminum
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