Biotechnology Startup

Location: Cambridge, MA


This early stage biotechnology company in Cambridge, MA is pioneering molecular immunology by enabling new understandings of immune cell biology that will redefine the definition and treatment of immunological diseases. They are leveraging novel proprietary technologies to develop first-in-class precision immune modulator therapeutics that control the immune system with pinpoint accuracy, targeting the specific drivers of disease.

Quick Lab RO / DI Water System logo


PPT engineered the RO QuickLab System (distribution pump flow rate of 15 gpm and a 200 gal. tank) with a Reject Water Option (5 gpm, 100 gal. tank) for this biotechnology startup to aid in their research efforts.

Cogen Main Skid Spec water purification system

QuickLab Water Purification System

Cogen reject water skid

Reject Water Skid

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