Environmental Effect of Water Purification

Posted on October 2, 2017

As climate change becomes a problem, ultimately affecting all scientific fields, many labs are concerned with lessening their carbon footprint and becoming eco-friendly. At the same time, these labs are required to continue their work, even if the processes involved aren’t necessarily eco-friendly. Water purification is one of these processes. It may not be the most harmful, but it also does produce waste—and labs can’t go without it. So how do you lessen the environmental impact of your water purification system?

Water purification systems require power to run. This power does cause at least a small drain on the environment. When you’re thinking about the environmental effect of your lab, you need to consider your water purification system as well. How can you minimize the impact of your lab while keeping the system at peak performance?

There are some ways to lessen the impact of your water purification system. For example, what kind of power are you using for it? You can opt to power your lab with solar power or wind power, or just invest in a high-efficiency power supply. Choosing efficient energy sources for your lab will help lessen not only the impact of your water purification system but also every system in the lab. As an example, MIT labs use solar power for up to 5% of their total power usage across all the laboratories. This saves thousands of dollars a year and has a measurable impact on the environment.

When you purify water, there is some amount of waste that cannot be avoided. While this is not pure water, it is still usable water—and you can repurpose it. Some cities, such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, require commercial ventures to repurpose this water, which they then use, for example, in cooling towers.  Other uses might include using the wastewater for office plants or agricultural purposes. In this way, you can make sure your water purification system helps your lab’s carbon footprint.

With a few modifications, you can ensure that your water purification system has a minimal environmental impact. Choose efficient power and don’t produce more waste than needed—these simple changes can make a huge difference in your lab and your carbon footprint. For more information, take a look the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s guide to water efficiency.

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