Solvent Purification Services
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Producing Ultrapure Water or Superior Anhydrous Solvents?

We manufacture the industry leading purification systems.

Solvent Purification Services
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Does Your Research Require Low PPM Levels of Water?

PPT systems produce superior anhydrous solvent results
for moisture sensitive organic and biotech applications.

Ultrapure water purification for construction project plans
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Does your project require high quality, turn-key solutions for long term water purification?

Our RODI Water System Solutions, Skid Spec & Quick Lab, comply with
ASTM, CLSI & USP standards and are customized to your space requirements.

Solvent Purification Systems

Solvent Purification

Dry Solvent Safely Delivered

Our solvent purification systems consistently deliver the driest solvent so you can focus on what matters most, your research.

Water Purification Systems

Water Purification

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Save time, money and resources by using PPT's pre-engineered line of water purification systems. Our systems revolve around RO & DI high purity applications.

What We Do

Pure Process Technology (PPT) is a full service OEM manufacturer of purification process equipment, focused on providing our customers with systems that fit their specific needs.

Every project we take on is carefully designed and engineered to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Save time and money by choosing PPT for your next purification project.

  • "The GC system provided exceptionally clean and dry solvent out of the box. Results were right on the money. Very easy to use - it's a great machine."
  • "We are very happy with our Pure Process Technology RO/DI system. The design and installation process was very smooth and our system is very easy to operate."
  • "The Water Purification system has streamlined our operation and works great with minimal maintenance."
  • "We have been very pleased with the PPT, Glass Contour solvent purification system and would highly recommend it to others."

Recent Projects

Learn About Our Recent Implementations.

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As climate change becomes a problem, ultimately affecting all scientific fields, many labs are concerned with lessening their carbon footprint and becoming eco-friendly. At the same time, these labs are required to continue their work, even if the processes involved aren’t necessarily eco-friendly. Water purification is one of these processes. It may not be the […]

September 21, 2017

Whether you are a seasoned lab professional or in the process of setting up your first lab, there are a number of installation and maintenance based issues that are helpful to keep in mind. Solvent systems built from high-quality components have the capacity to handle many different solvents. The function of these systems is to […]

September 7, 2017

When you’re preparing a lab budget, your focus includes cutting costs to ensure budget approval, while purchasing quality equipment and supplies. This raises an important question. How do you know what systems are worthwhile investments, or where substitutions, with less expensive solutions, can be made? When it comes to water purification, an investment in an […]

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